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Node.JS Web Development in Gurgaon

Node.JS Web Development is a new platform. It will fill particular needs of web development. With JavaScript, the world of web development is changing its course lately. Various actions are now possible on the web as a result of JavaScript running on the server or browser. It used to be hard. Node.js plays an important role in the modern technology stack. It’s because of its unique benefits, and many large companies are dependent on it. Businesses have established node.js in their operations. It ensures the smooth functioning of their services. Also, it delivers the best software products to clients.
Today’s smart digital world is adopting node.js. Due to its connection with JavaScript and smart features. Such as flexibility, adaptability, and capacity to change as per the needs. But developing node.js in your business operations requires a professional expert. They should have experience and the required knowledge in this field.
Pretute is one of the best Node.JS Web Development companies. It provides seamless interaction of node.js with the company’s business ideas. Hiring a node.js service provider will ensure the execution of an agile approach. It does so with fast testing and application of changes.

Our Node.JS Web development services include-

Version Migration

Real-Time Apps

API Development and Integration

Product Support and Maintenance

Plug-ins Development

Frontend Development

Node.JS is an open-source and cross-platform environment. It helps in developing server web applications. It is accessible to frontend development due to its open-source feature. Moreover, the idea of using node.js in the frontend can provide you with the benefit of various features. It provides such as JavaScript, availability of libraries and packages, etc.

The frontend Node.js Web Development services cover-

The frontend Node.js Web Development services cover-

Code Linters

Code Linter is a type of program. It helps in the identification and correction of any errors or issues in the codebase. Thus, issues related to a custom standard or syntax can be analyzed through code linters.

Code Processors

Code Processors used to limit the display text on the browser. It's because HTML and CSS files lower by removing all the unnecessary characters. Node.js helps in using the code processor in JavaScript. Thus, allowing high customization and flexibility.


Npm (Node Package Manager) provides many packages for smooth development. Such as color pickers, text editors. Under frontend development, these packages used to create a beautiful UI.

Backend Development

Node.js backend development has become very popular among software developers. Modern technologies demand an effective node.js establishment at every stage. It’s required for effective functioning.
Backend Node.JS Web Development used for B2C applications. Such as Netflix or PayPal. It is popular among software engineering companies because of its connection with JavaScript. Backend development includes-

Backend Development Includes-

Database Integration

Node.js contains libraries and interfaces that provide seamless interaction with the database. Database integration helps in handling the database operation in JavaScript. Thus, making it easier.

Network and API calls

Node.js helps us by providing control over HTTP requests. We can customize the headers, receive responses and set up proxies. We can do so in the format suitable to our application.

Industries we serve

Retail Applications

Pretute delivers its Node.JS Web Development services to small and medium businesses. They thrive to get access to JavaScript benefits. Our services are cost-effective with the development of applications across the industry.

Manufacturing Applications

For streamlining the manufacturing processes. Such as assembly, an inspection of goods, processing. Node.js web development services ensure a flawless experience.

E-Commerce Application

Online business is today’s business world. With e-commerce platforms, Node.JS Web Development helps in creating complex applications. And integrates the features of the online store with online payment portals.

E-learning applications

Our node.js web development services beneficial for teachers and students at various levels. They can take advantage of these services for many purposes.

Tours and Travels portal applications

Integrated tour and travel services provided through our Node.JS Web Development services. We provide solutions such as E-booking, travel apps, etc.

Healthcare applications

Healthcare applications enable users to check up on their health and fitness. With Node.JS Web Development services, we help in providing customized and cost-effective solutions.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1What are the benefits of using Node.js for web app development?

    Node.js is a new platform that's connected with JavaScript. It provides many benefits such as-

    • It keeps things simple and exciting. You can use node.js in frontend and backend development.
    • Node.js helps in cutting time-to-market short. It reduces the application development time while attaining the same level of functionality.
    • Node.js provides many tools that increase the speed of development.
    • It is extremely simple to use and provides cost-effective solutions to many problems.
    2Which is better: Node.js or Python?

    Node.js and Python both are great server-side platforms. The following comparison will clear which is better-

    • Node.js, built on Google Chrome. JavaScript Engine, whereas Python is a multipurpose dynamic programming language.
    • Node used for website development. Whereas Python used for backend applications, machine learning or numerical computation.
    • Node.js used in small projects as well, but Python is suitable for large projects.

    The above comparison between the two states the difference between them. Also, the pros & cons of using them. Thus, it depends on the purpose of usage which is better.

    3What kind of applications can you build using Node.js?

    Node.js can build the following types of applications-

    • Real-time Chat apps that enable transmission of audio, text, or video message,
    • Single Page applications are those web applications that fit on a single page. It is used in creating project management tools or social networking apps.
    • Collaboration tools are such applications that allow many users to use a single app at a time.
    4How much does it cost to develop a Node.js Project?
    The average cost of developing a node.js project depends on the needs of the client. and the expertise of the company. A node.js developer usually charges $25 to $50 per hour. If your project involves hours of work, the developer charges based on the entire project. It can range between $12,500 to $40,000.