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Amazon Flipkart Listing and Cataloging Services

Catalog and listing management has become super important because it’s the key to drive traffic, retain customers, and improve conversion rates but at the same time, it requires lots of effort and time to be successful. Amazon and Flipkart contain a huge number of SKUs and managing them can become difficult because Amazon and Flipkart have strict cataloging standards, and handling their product data is a challenging task. Moreover, listing and cataloging of their products need to be attractive, compelling for the competitors, up-to-date, drive traffic, sales, and enhance the product visibility.

Many sellers struggle to get the best listing and cataloging services as it involves technical knowledge, detailed e-commerce market knowledge, and domain experience. Therefore, they look for e-commerce catalog management services in Gurgaon that can provide the right resources with the right skill set and tools to manage and create their catalog. With Pretute you can get all that you desire and need to get your website to shine out in the marketplace. Our professional and talented e-commerce developers and catalog managers bring high-end catalogs for you by building a strong SEO friendly, informative, and engaging product catalog. It not only enhances the product visibility, rather it will boost sales and give an unforgettable customer experience.

Amazon Listing and Cataloging Services

Amazon Product Listing and Cataloging Services are important irrespective of the type of product you sell. Sellers’ needs to make sure that their products are listed understandably to efficiently reach their target customer. Pretute provides you expendable Amazon listing optimization service in Gurgaon by significantly listing the Amazon products, increasing the rank, and boosting the traffic on your website.

In the online business world, listing and cataloging play a significant role in increasing the profitability of the products and the appearance of the product in the right catalog. When cataloging the products are done effectively, the probability of them appearing in search results becomes relatively high, and it widens the customer’s convenience.

Our Amazon Listing and Cataloging Services include-

Product Listing

Detailed Description

Listing Optimization

Organic Visibility

Excellent Customer Support

Flipkart Listing and Cataloging Services

E-commerce business is growing at a very fast pace and has almost replaced offline businesses. Shoppers want exclusive features and shopping experiences when they visit online shopping websites such as Flipkart. Maintaining the list of all the products according to their nature helps the shopper in easy identification of the product they are looking for. But at the same time, sellers need to emphasize their listing and cataloging services to ensure a smooth user experience.

Pretute offers a wide array of Flipkart Listing and Cataloging Services that help you increase your actual sales and elevate customer satisfaction. We help online business sellers in expanding their business through effective listing and cataloging strategies.

Our Flipkart Listing and Cataloging Services include-

Enriching Cataloging

Increasing Product Visibility

Advertising of the product

Increasing Online Presence

Boosting Sales

eBay Listing and Cataloging Services

eBay is a diversified online marketplace for shopping and has been in existence for the past many decades. Many shoppers shop from the eBay platform as it is the most convenient e-commerce website. Pretute provides cost-effective Listing and Cataloging Services for individual products or bulk of products of similar nature. Our professionals have vast experience in properly managing eBay product listing and cataloging services including apparel, electronic products, consumer products, computer related products, etc. The services we provide make your products viable and appear in the search option.

Our eBay Listing and Cataloging Services include-

Product Listings

Category Management

Editing and Uploading Product Images

Order Processing

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    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

    1How are new items added to the Amazon catalog? Is the data entry a manual process?

    Pretute provides solutions in different areas when it comes to Amazon listing services, as many sellers have questions in their mind about listing and cataloging their products. For adding a new item to the cataloging list, you have to log in to your Amazon Seller account and open the dashboard. From there, you can choose the Add Product option, which is visible under the inventory tab. After that, you can add the product by inserting the required information such as Product name, selecting the product from the search result list, and then clicking on the Sell Yours button.

    The data entry for adding a new product, list, or catalog is a manual process as it involves adding information related to the product that can be known by the seller only.

    2How do I become a cataloging partner with Flipkart or Amazon?

    For becoming a cataloging partner with Flipkart or Amazon, you can register at seller.flipkart.com or seller.amazon.com that will take you directly to the seller page. After logging in, you can list all the products under the specific categories based on the nature of the product, for example, apparel, electronics, accessories, etc. When you receive an order from a buyer or a customer, you can pack the product properly and mark the order as ‘Ready to Dispatch’ visible on the same page. When your mark is received, the logistics partner picks up the product and delivers it to the customer.

    3How do I promote Amazon products listing? How can I increase sales on Amazon with Amazon listing optimization?

    Customers when shopping online usually search for the product they require directly on the search box and through Amazon product listings, the relevant product list appears for the customer. For improving the Amazon product listing you need to focus on the following points-

    1. Make sure that the product listing provides accurate information about the product, and it is complete. 
    2. Optimize your product list by using Search Engine Optimization, where you add relevant keywords into the product information that helps your website to rank at the top on search engines.
    3. Share your listing via creatives on social media to create brand awareness and influence people in visiting your website.
    4. Promote through paid ads that help you highlight your product list at the top.
    5. You can also take advantage of the Amazon Listing Optimization that helps in increasing conversion rate, Click-through rate, and search visibility of your product list. As a result, it leads to increased sales and ROI.
    4Is there any SEO for Amazon listings?

    Yes, there is an SEO for Amazon listing similar to other SEO techniques used for increasing traffic on the website. SEO for Amazon listings is used widely to enhance product rankings by using relevant keywords or phrases that are mostly targeted or searched by the customers. By using such keywords and phrases, it helps in discovering the product listing on various search engines at the top, thereby increasing sales.

    5What service can improve my eBay or Amazon listings?

    For improving eBay and Amazon listings, you can follow some points below that aids in increasing the traffic on your website and increasing sales. These points are specifically used by Amazon listing services in Gurgaon who are professional in their job.

    1. Adding one or two items daily to your product list can improve your listing as customers get more excited to buy something new from their required list.
    2. Many customers try to dampen your sales by writing negative reviews, thus you can remove such reviews.
    3. Sharing your product listings on various social media platforms can also boost your sales.
    6Can you run a Google shopping campaign on an Amazon listing?

    The answer to this question would be No! It is not possible to add Google shopping ads into the Amazon product listings as Google shopping needs your ownership of the domain and with Amazon listing, there is no such domain. However, you can add Google Shopping ads to your e-commerce website directly and boost traffic via email marketing campaigns or keywords campaigns.

    7How do I drive external traffic to Amazon Listing 2021?

    You can drive external traffic by adding your product listing into your blogs, videos, or other external marketing techniques that aware the customers of the product listing and boost sales on your website. This way, customers directly navigate to your website and shop online. Moreover, you can also use email marketing by sending regular emails to potential buyers along with product listings.