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Ecommerce Web Development Company in Gurgaon

Due to advancements in technology and innovation, businesses have transformed into online businesses having their online store or website that provides a wide range of services and products directly to the customers. The development of e-commerce has resulted in businesses becoming more digital and online, but still, many businesses do not have an online website. Such businesses fail to grow and are losing their customer base. Moreover, eCommerce businesses are not yet aware of the potential of eCommerce websites and their benefits that can give them an edge of winning among their competitors.

Nevertheless, e-commerce web development provides a base to expand the business digitally and boost the customers’ presence on your websites. Mainly, effective eCommerce web development of your business requires the services of the best eCommerce web development company in Gurgaon that can design an integrated eCommerce web with diversified features.

Pretute has been in the market and has served thousands of clients by curating their eCommerce website and today, they rule in the market. Our experts ensure that the latest and modern technologies are used, along with providing consistent maintenance and support services throughout. An online store needs constant updates and maintenance so that it can deliver superior quality services to its users. Our eCommerce solutions contain high-end services for every type of business. Moreover, we assure the clients about security with encrypted data and inheriting safety protocols while developing their eCommerce website.

Online Stores

Under eCommerce web development, a website or an online store is built for a company or business that wants to sell its products or services via an online platform. Through online stores, buyers can easily purchase by visiting their online store. Moreover, online stores provide ease to the users in shopping along with increased customer base, ROI, and generating more sales & leads.
Each eCommerce website has its online stores that help the customers to discover various products & services, compare them with other brands and purchase what they find relevant just by sitting at their home. It only takes some clicks on your smartphones, tabs, or laptops to complete the purchase. Additionally, online stores save time, money, and effort but on the same side, it requires extensive knowledge of an eCommerce web developer who can design an online store that is effective and can expand the business.

B2B Trade Portals

By availing of the services of the best Ecommerce web development companies, you can gain the advantage of building an integrated B2B trade portal for your business. Pretute also offers services of designing B2B trade portals for many businesses that are engaged in providing their products & services to other sellers such as manufacturers, retailers, etc.

Business to the Business (B2B) industry is entirely different and does not involve the delivery of goods & services to the end customer. Here, the customer is another seller. Even though the B2B business has been evolving for the past many years, due to change in technology, the functioning of the B2B trade has emerged.

Various companies such as Amazon, Alibaba, etc., provide B2B trade services and with the advancement of digital trading features and branding, traders can now sell their services hassle-free.

B2B Marketplaces

Many B2B sellers, wholesalers, and distributors require a common networking point where they can trade easily and embrace the online marketplace with ease and benefit from the latest trends. B2B marketplace is an eCommerce platform that brings together B2B sellers and buyers in one place. Here also, the sellers are manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, or customers of other businesses. The transaction between B2B is undertaken through a marketplace operator and Pretute help in finding one.
We help B2B traders to find the right platform where they can easily trade and find relevant sellers to deal with. B2B companies’ target audience are different as compared with B2C as the products they offer are raw materials, finished parts, consultations, semi-finished parts, etc., that help other businesses to grow by selling their services to the end customers.

B2C Multi-Vendor Marketplaces

With the development of modern digital trends in the eCommerce business, customers are moving forward with a fast-paced shopping experience. Buyers today do not want to spend their precious time on different websites or online stores for shopping and comparing the products from other online stores.
They want a consolidated place where they can make a faster decision that saves time and effort. The eCommerce marketplace has reshaped itself into a multi-vendor platform where third-party sellers sell their goods & services in one place. It is a type of big online store that involves small shops of various brands & products and these are run by individual vendors.

Ecommerce Aggregators

E-commerce aggregators are companies that have a pre-existing tie-up with shipping or Logistics companies. When eCommerce business sellers get orders from their customers, eCommerce aggregators help them in delivering the order to the customer.
Pretute provides services of eCommerce aggregators where we help you in setting up multiple aggregators quickly at a low cost. E-commerce aggregators are crucial for any online store website as they require reliable and efficient logistics services to deliver their orders. Moreover, there are different ecommerce aggregators that you can choose from and thus, we help you in selecting the best one according to your requirement and budget.

Custom Carting Solutions

Custom Carting solutions are updated well enough in today’s eCommerce businesses. If you’re looking for flexible payment options and fast carting check-out solutions, Pretute helps eCommerce businesses in creating custom carting solutions where you can easily complete your purchase once the product is into your cart.
Moreover, modern online stores have made it flexible and fast for the users to enjoy their purchase through integrated payment getaways and helping them in fulfilling their purchase without any delay. It also helps the online store sellers in increasing sales and revenue.

Why choose us?

Pretute has been recognized as the topmost Ecommerce web development company in Gurgaon who has served major clients and giant corporations helping them in diversifying their services through integrated solutions. Our eCommerce web development expert curate beautiful platforms for our clients and unlock the potential an eCommerce online store can provide.

Our services are reliable, exclusive, and enriched with smart features that provide a smooth user experience. Our team of professionals are highly qualified to design custom-oriented digital websites. We make sure that your eCommerce business is always ahead of the competitors with our web development services as we meet the requirements of our clients across different sectors. We offer our services to every type of business and help them in the growth of their business through modern technology. Our eCommerce catalog management services in Gurgaon includes-

Ecommerce Website Design or Development

Our expert takes care of your business as we design a customized and attractive eCommerce website for you as per your business needs. Moreover, Pretute is a prestigious eCommerce website design services in Gurgaon that develop high end website focusing on your performance, security, user-experience, and stability by using various tools and techniques.

Ecommerce Marketing

Our Ecommerce web development  experts ensure that your website is regulated by integrating off-page and on-page SEO that will help in increasing the visibility of your website to the targeted customers. Moreover, we use data-driven eCommerce SEO techniques and tools that boost traffic to your website and our eCommerce developers address your business objectives carefully.

Payment Gateway Integration

We integrate modern digital payment methods and getaways into your website that makes the user experience more flexible and smooth. It ensures the convenience and security of the customer. We include ApplePay, Paypal, GooglePay, Paytm, and many more mobile wallet payment methods.

Ecommerce PPC Advertising

Our experts make effective PPC advertising that helps in brand awareness globally, generation of leads & sales, increased ROI and boosting traffic. Our eCommerce specialists ensure to produce effective results by helping you with successful campaigns and leading your brand to a global level.

Chatbot Integration

Every customer looks for a chatbot or live chat to get instant solutions to their problems. Our experts make sure that customers get 24×7 support with a seamless solution and solve each query of the customer within time. Moreover, customers tend to complete their purchase when they get quick answers to their questions and it increases the brand effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Ecommerce Analytics

Our experts make sure that your eCommerce website is constantly monitored and is performing well on multiple devices. If any changes are required, our analytical team makes required alterations by applying techniques and searching for new ways to boost traffic and efficiency of your website.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1What is eCommerce development?
    Internet is the widely used platform for marketing the business, which has endless boundaries and provides seamless brand recognition worldwide. By integrating your business with an online business platform through unique designing and coding, your business can reach multiple heights. E-commerce development helps in building online stores or websites for your business that boost your brand and traffic for your business. Moreover, with eCommerce development, you can provide a user-friendly online shopping platform.
    2Is eCommerce development in demand?
    Yes, eCommerce development is highly in demand since customers prefer online shopping or visitation of various websites. The presence of business online provides convenience to the users with smart features, utmost security, and endless services. It is eCommerce that has transformed the way business works, and the eCommerce industry is growing at a fast pace as a result of increased demand for internet and smartphone penetration.
    3Why should I choose you for my eCommerce web development project?
    Pretute is the best eCommerce website development company in Gurgaon that gives its clients the ultimate experience. With us, you can be stressed free because our eCommerce experts take care of your eCommerce website and monitor it constantly. We ensure that to generate responsive leads, increase sales, revenue, and boost customer traffic on your website. Since eCommerce websites are much in demand today and many businesses run on them, we design a customized website for you by ensuring that your business ideas are properly acknowledged.
    4Do you provide technical support post development?
    Yes, we do provide technical support posts with your eCommerce web development. Our experts make sure that your eCommerce website is running smoothly on different devices and that no technical issue arises. Even if it does, the analytical team will solve it and make your website ready again for flawless functioning.
    5What are the main factors in the Magento eCommerce Development?

    Magento eCommerce development is highly used by many merchants across the globe to make their websites run smoothly. Magento provides a user-friendly, trendy, and featured-rich e-commerce platform and it is a perfect choice if you want to develop an eCommerce website. The factors in the Magento eCommerce development includes-

    • It helps in creating the best user experience along with lots of powerful tools integrated into it.
    • It gives mobile-ready websites along with different themes. Moreover, it uses the same structure that is mobile friendly as well as desktop friendly.
    • It designs an eCommerce website that runs fast and provides speedy performance.
    6Does your company offer a custom eCommerce development solution?

    Yes, Pretute offers a customized eCommerce development solution as per the needs of the clients. Our experts design the website by taking into consideration your business ideas and objectives to make sure that the website they curate demonstrates your business to the customers. Moreover, our customized solutions are the most attractive point due to which many businesses get their eCommerce website developed from us.

    7How long does the process take?
    To develop an eCommerce website depends on the industry, eCommerce website designing & development companies, and the experience of the experts. Usually, a couple of months to a year is taken to fully develop a website properly with complete integration of business objectives and using required tools & techniques.
    8Do you build mobile-friendly e-commerce websites?
    Yes, we build mobile-friendly e-commerce websites that can be easily accessed on mobile phones. Every eCommerce website development company will provide this option for you. Because of smartphones, businesses have taken the business world and thus, these companies have realized the importance of mobile-friendly eCommerce websites. Thus, our experts design mobile-friendly websites for you as well.
    9Do you provide training and support to manage the store?
    Yes, we do provide complete training and support to manage the store we have created for you. Our task does not end after designing a website, rather, we transfer the required knowledge and training to manage your online store. Our experts will give you hands-on training and help you in using different features of your website.
    10Will my project have a dedicated project manager?

    Pretute is one of the best eCommerce website design services in Gurgaon and we assign a dedicated project manager for your particular website to ensure that you get the required help from the project manager in cases you are working on. Moreover, it helps in building smooth communication with us.