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In this modern business world, technology is surpassing every obstacle. Earlier, it was difficult for business owners to create a high rank in search engines. Smartphones and tablets have shifted web browsing to scrolling with one hand. Also, it enabled exploring many webs at a time. As a result, cut-throat competition has emerged among online businesses. It helps in thriving to gain top rank positions on Google.
Acquiring a higher rank on search engines requires good quality content. It helps to optimizing SEO on your website. For this, there’s come a need for a content writing company in Gurgaon. It provides a good content writer who can write an engaging content for the website. A good content writer furnishes your website with effective content. It states the business idea, is informative and attracts the target audience. Moreover, with integrated content, your business will grow. Also, it will reach out to a great number of people. Pretute is one of the topmost Content Writing Company in Gurgaon.

It aims at various crucial aspects of content writing, such as-

Content Strategy

A content strategy is an essential part of content writing. It helps in defining and setting goals before writing the content. It allows us to plan and ensure that the content strategy will provide standard results. Also, it improves marketing results and increases the ROI of the business. It plans out the purpose of writing the content and gives the right direction to the content writer.

Writing & Editing

Writing without a purpose is a total waste of effort, time, and money. Thorough research based on the purpose or the business requirements is necessary. At Pretute, our Content Writing Company in Gurgaon focus on gathering relevant information. They collect the data and outline it that’s used in their content. After the writing process completed, the content is proofread by many writers. Also, it undergoes an editing phase. Any grammatical error, unclear sentences or phrases are then changed.

Content Distribution

When the content’s created, our writers publish it on various social media platforms. It helps to engage the targeted audience and increase the customer base. Content distribution is one of the critical aspects of content writing. It’s an essential part to boost sales, keep loyal customers, and encourage the readers.

Content Maintenance

Content once created becomes outdated after a certain point of time. It does not provide any benefit to the business. Thus, new and updated old content can excite the customers in reading new one. Also, we aim at keeping your content reliable, engaging, and informative every time.

Benefits of Content Writing Company

Content writing is one of the crucial parts of digital marketing. It contributes to the growth & development of businesses. Content writing is important for every business type. It does not consider the size of the business as it boosts traffic to your website.

Avail the benefit of a content writer by hiring a Content Writing Company in Gurgaon. We will provide you with the following benefits-

  1. Content writing creates brand awareness by creating engaging content and attracting customers.
  2. With good content, the probability of increased bounce rate of a company reduced with us.
  3. We aim at building trust among the audience with reliable and effective content.
  4. Our Content Writing Company in Gurgaon provides SEO content. It increases organic traffic to the website.
  5. Content writing also helps in increased conversion rates. Creating quality content attract more customers.

SEO Friendly Content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps the website to appear at the top rank on search engines. Making SEO friendly content involves using targeted keywords. These are relevant to your purpose and stuffed in your content.

With SEO content, Content Writing Company in Gurgaon, we make sure that your website attains the top rank in SERP. It increases sales, ROI, boost organic traffic, and keep loyal customers. Our content writers make use of some basic strategies. These help in efficient allocation of SEO content-
  1. Creating error-free content
  2. Implementation of keywords with proper formation
  3. Framing catchy title and adding keywords in the title
  4. Using texts relevant to Google Algorithm standards, etc.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1What are the basic traits that content writers should have?

    A content writer is the one who has strong research skills. Also, they have the ability to create informative content, know-how of organization goals. Moreover, they are aware of the purpose for writing. They can communicate, can write, know how to proofread the content. They can identify a grammatical error or unclear sentence formation. Additionally, they have an understanding about SEO content and adapt to changing environment. Also, can write on different genres, strong writing skills, understand or grasping power.

    2What is the difference between a technical writer and a content writer?
    A technical content writer is the one who already has a plan or purpose for writing. Whereas a content writer undergoes thorough research. They gather information related to the purpose of the content and then writes it down. A technical writer also can use attractive tools to create content. Whereas a content writer does not need such tools. A technical writer has to create difficult content with utmost clarity. Whereas, a content writer creates informative articles or blogs related to the topic.
    3How much should you charge for a 1000-word article?

    The market rate of a content writer is Rs. 0.6 per word, but it depends on the experience, quality of content, and type of content. Many companies offer different prices to their content writers. These vary on different factors. Currently, Rs.0.30 - 1 per word charged by professional content writers. Connect with us to know the details of the charges.

    4Can I choose your content writing services for a small scale business?
    Yes, at Pretute we provide digital solutions to every business size. We aim at integrating business ideas with engaging content. Also, we help businesses in expanding their brand. We're known to be the best content writing company in Gurgaon. We have been in business for more than 5 years and have served plenty of clients on a global level as well.